IN PELE'S GARDEN Framed Crayon Enhanced Giclee

IN PELE'S GARDEN Framed Crayon Enhanced Giclee


INTRODUCING "SHADOWS OF MEMORIES", a mixed media collaboration between daughter and father, T. NOELLE "Photographer" and JEFFREY ROBERT "The Crayon Artist"  created within the fragrance of beautiful Wailea, Maui. 

TITLE OF ARTWORK IS "IN PELE'S GARDEN": This artistic interpretation is inspired by the resilience of the people of Leilani, Hawaii and attempts to capture the breathtaking events of Kilauea's recent volcanic activity. As we have seen in the past, nature will ultimately have its way as none can own it or control its power. God's providence is absolute. And as the old Hawaiian legend of Pele continues to live on, so will this loving culture and evolution of regrowth continue in this land with all of its beauty and glory.

Crayon mixed media


28X28 (Edition 25)

20x20 (Edition 50)

12x12 (Edition 80)

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