Crayon Art Techniques Package

Crayon Art Techniques Package

Jeffrey Robert





My Techniques Video will show you how to use Crayola Crayons.




The Jeffrey Robert Crayon Art Techniques DVD is the starting point for anyone who wants to learn my secrets to coloring with ordinary crayons as a fine art tool. 30 Minutes of step by step tutorial instruction with Jeffrey Robert. According to Jeffrey, "My Crayon Masterpieces, created within a 35 year span of my crayon art journey are the key to teaching my "secret" techniques."
The DVD will teach you all of the basics:
How to hold and sharpen the crayon
How to blend
How to layer
Forming gradients
Hand Movement techniques
The Necessary Tools

The DVD features a segment with me applying these techniques while drawing Elvis with crayons! My crayon masterpieces, created within a 40 year span of my crayon art journey are the key to my teaching fine art with crayons!

The Jeffrey Robert Crayon Art Techniques *Workbook Download accompanies the DVD but is a valuable tutorial that can be used independently of the DVD.
Contains easy to follow hands-on exercises that will properly train the muscles of the hands and eyes to work together. It involves careful detail applications in layering colors, hand pressures and creating gradients. Includes instructions, examples, application sheets and an outline drawing. *The Workbook Download File will be sent to your email address once your DVD has shipped. Please note that a computer is necessary to download the workbook file.



The "A Shiny Red Apple" DVD video is divided into several segments making it easy to color while watching by using the play and pause features of your player or computer. You may want to browse through or watch the entire video first to understand the process, then watch a segment and color at your own pace to complete each segment. However you choose to engage the project, make it easy and have fun. Little steps work great. Invite your creative spirit to participate. Put forth the will have the success
Remember, coloring with crayons is fun and easy. YOU are the artist, so relax and enjoy the time that you spend in the process!

Two DVD's a total of 90+ minutes

Drawing Pad (optional)
White/Off White Construction Paper
Pencil and Eraser
Crayon Sharpener
Blending Stump
Cotton Ball
Box 16 ct. Crayola Crayons

The “A Shiny Red Apple” video DVD is a visual step by step tutorial in real time by Jeffrey Robert demonstrating his fine art crayon techniques. Separated by chapters, this DVD is designed to work with the pause and play feature of your video component. You are able to stop the video, begin your application, monitor your progress and adjust and compare your drawing with that of “The Crayon Artist”.

This formula of visual learning has been successfully taught in high schools, junior highs, art clubs and teacher education programs through workshops and lectures by Jeffrey Robert while promoting the art of creating with crayons. “A Shiny Red Apple” has been used as an in service program for teachers and educators. His crayon art techniques have also been used as a learning tool for motor-skill development for autistic and impaired children.

By observation you will be able to determine the actual amount of time it takes Jeffrey Robert to perform each stage and each segment. You will be able to view close-up, his intricate hand movements and precise application as the secrets of his skills unfold.
By application you will learn:
1. How to apply 7 different layers of color
2. A precise application of gradients
3. Make transitions from one color to another
4. How to blend all colors together
5. Burnishing and embellishing
1. Tape your drawing paper to a slightly cushioned drawing surface (foam board, etc.)
2. When drawing the outline of the apple, use a pencil with light pressure (enough to erase if needed)
3. Relax and take your time at each step of the process
4. Think fun, do not worry about mistakes
5. Plan on re-creating an apple drawing multiple times until you perfect the image
6. Watch the video carefully paying close attention to the hand movements and hand pressure applications
Please note: To optimize your performance with the “A SHINY RED APPLE” DVD, I strongly recommend that you become familiar with the hand movement exercises found in my “Jeffrey Robert Crayon Art Techniques” DVD. It contains the basic and fundamental knowledge of how to use ordinary crayons as the medium to create fine art. Practicing these techniques will improve the fine motor skills and advance hand eye coordination. It will promote the visualization process and will even help children to become better readers and writers.


Comments, Testimonies, Endorsements: 

March 2007, Jan Robson in the UK says: "The DVD is fabulous...very fascinating indeed."


July 2007, Bobbi Hancock in Virginia says: "I just want to say thank you for sending me your video. It is wonderful. I can't begin to tell you how great your art is. I also want to thank you for making it possible others can learn from you. I hope you will continue to publish your technique and your work."


December 2007 Karen Marhall in Kentucky says: I watched Jeffrey's Techniques DVD. I'm quite impressed. No wonder his crayon drawings are so beautiful as it is evident from watching and thus far that he spends a great deal of time insuring that his drawings are well covered. I'm a senior citizen still having to work for a living to make ends meet but I'm still a kid at heart and remember the smell of those crayons! :)Thank you so very much for sharing your artistic expertise with the rest of us wannabe artists. I'm 63 and still hope to create something of value to leave to my children. Maybe it will be done with crayons thanks to you and your generosity.


February 2009, Sherrie in Hawaii says: "Just what my 90 yr old mother was looking for!!!!!"

Feb 2011, Jay Mealer, MA, K-5 Art Instructor, Pinnacle Charter School, Federal Heights,CO 

I am an art teacher and have always felt an affinity to crayons. I argue with my peers that art can be taught with nothing more than a box of crayons (yes sculpture and painting). Jeffrey Robert has gone a long way to affirm my position. My students are already beginning to use his techniques and are light years ahead of students of the same age groups from surrounding schools. Thanks so much for the inspiration you have given me to in turn instill in others.

Kim Amor: Private Christian School Ecucator 

Aloha Jeffrey! We met about 16 years ago at a Teacher's conference in Dallas, and I bought your video (on VHS.....I'm going to have to update that! lol). Since then, I have been sharing your beautiful work and techniques with my K-12 students I am so excited to see how turned on my students get after seeing the possibilities....and then go on to create some absolutely amazing artwork! Hope you don't mind, but you may have some competition in the Art World in the future! Isn't it amazing how such a simple media can create unbelievable results! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with the world! Mahalo nui!

Endorsement June 8, 2001 Wendy Warner, Curriculum Director, Argyle ISD, Texas 

For many years Jeffrey Robert has presented his crayon art techniques to children, adults, educators and aspiring artists to promote a new genre of creating fine art with ordinary crayons. The video “A Shiny Red Apple” evolved as a visual tool to help the student learn of the delicate hand pressure and hand movements used in a step-by-step process of application to completion. The certificate below was awarded to educators completing a required public school in-service course in which segments of the video “A Shiny Red Apple was used. The success of the course was gauged by the unanimous comment: “This is the most fun that I have ever had in attending an in-service.”

Endorsement July 10, 2000, Carol Marshall, President Quality Education Systems 

In the creative arts, Jeffrey's work stands alone; he has developed an entirely new genre for the artist's creative process. Quality Education Systems whole-heartedly endorses Jeffrey Robert, The Crayon Artist, for his unique artistic vision and the process by which he shares that vision with students. I believe Jeffrey's work has the potential to return a tremendous gift to the world of teaching and learning, making the business of drawing a natural part of the learning process once again.

Community Education Programs for School Districts in Minnesota use Jeffrey Robert Crayon Art Techniques with success.

Watch Me Draw! Grades K-5 Watch Me Draw is a proven program that inspires kids to create, express and learn through the dynamic world of DRAWING! These skill-building lessons incorporate fun and creativity into every class! Because nothing makes a child more confident than measurable, tangible success, our students will bring home a beautiful masterpiece each week incorporating new skills and techniques. Watch Me Draw curriculum uses a variety of subject matter, style and media providing each child with a progressive art-enriched experience. *Our winter 2011 session features the work of crayon artist, Jeffrey Robert. His work with crayons is amazing and you will love learning how to add his techniques to your own creations! Each week students will bring home a finished masterpiece incorporating new skills and techniques. Once each session we will “Mimic the Masters,” learning about a master artist and creating a rendition of their art. Our fall 2010 session features the work of crayon artist, Jeffery Robert. His work with crayons is amazing and you will love learning how to add his techniques to your own creations!

Endorsement July 2000, Judith Bingham, National Speaker and Advocate for Children with Autism on the subject of teaching children through art-based literacy

"Jeffrey is a most outstanding and unique artist in that he is one of two people in the world (referring to Jeffrey and his father, Don Marco) who has introduced us to crayon art. It is his technique with crayons that has not been duplicated. I've watched the teachers delve into the crayons and the black line drawings mesmerized by their own skill after Jeffrey's lesson. I've seen the children's self esteem sore after Jeffrey walks around and comments on their work. Thank you, Jeffrey for starting America Coloring!


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