My Crayon Masterpieces, created within a 40 year span of my crayon art journey, are the key to teaching my "secret" techniques.

My Techniques Video will show you how to use Crayola Crayons.

How to use Crayons to create fine art

It all starts with a desire to create, from there you transfer your desire into action. Take little steps that move in the right direction. Don’t wait for the right time or the perfect drawing room set up full of art stuff for your creative atmosphere. Seizing the moment is the the simple beauty and concept of crayon art. Children do it all the time. My website will give you an idea as to what is possible with crayons. Take the first step toward expanding your creative energy by taking advantage of this fun and economical art medium. The key to your success is developing your technical skills through a working knowledge of how to use crayons.
Start by getting my Crayon Art Techniques DVD and watching it. Become efficient with the process and your creative skills will begin to expand. It will happen!

Could the Crayon Art Techniques DVD be used for art therapy?

My Crayon Art Techniques are ideal for the mental and physical art therapy program for children, teens, adults, elderly or handicapped. As an art form, crayons project a wholesome influence and are inexpensive, not messy and non-toxic. My techniques and applications will help to develop the muscles in the fingers, hands, arms and shoulders. It will strengthen the eyes and mind by increasing cognition and the visualization process and will increase hand-eye coordination and fine motor-skill development. The creative spirit will find peace, harmony and relaxation through these tranquil motion exercises and begin to influence and expand the imagination in a positive form. Developing art skills with crayons is a healthy outlet for those who may be immobilized or stressed.